Railway walks | 5 beautiful hiking trails

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Railway walks are the best known walks in the Netherlands. They offer easy hikes from railway station to railway station. There are 46 walks available, some of them take 2 days to finish. I walked almost all of them, and chose the 5 most beautiful walks. Check them out, and above all: go hike with the Dutch Railways.

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  • NS-wandeling door de KennemerduinenHiking the Kennemer Dunes

    The trail combines a beautiful dune landscape with the pleasures of the beach. It is a brisk walk, especially because of the climbs.

    • Length: 15 or 16,5 km
    • Type: Railway walk
    • Start: Station of Santpoort-Noord
    • Great: dunes, beach, sea, Birds Lake

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  • Veluwezoom: de allermooiste NS-wandelingHiking the Veluwezoom

    This trail across the Veluwezoom takes you from one highlight to another and has no weak links. Woodlands, heathlands, hills. Top rated!

    • Length: 14 km
    • Type: Railway walk
    • Start: station of Dieren
    • Great: stunning forests, heathland of the Posbank and much more

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  • NS-wandeling over de MookerheideHiking the Mookerheide

    Vast moors, varied forests, stunning views over the River Maas, rich history: this two-day walk along the wonderful heathland Mookerheide offers it all.

    • Length: 16 + 16 km
    • Type: Railway walk (2 days)
    • Start: station of Cuijk
    • Great: Mookerheide, Devil's Mountain, St. Jansberg, Ooijpolder

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  • NS-wandeling over de Utrechtse HeuvelrugHiking the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

    Great walk for hikers who love forest. But besides beautiful mixed woods with stately beech avenues you also find on your path heathland and dunes.

    • Length: 14 km
    • Type: Railway walks
    • Start: station of Driebergen-Zeist
    • Great: old woods, heathland, shifting sands

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  • NS-wandeling over Belmonte, Molenbeek en Wageningse BergHiking around Belmonte

    Beautiful walk through the woods around Wageningen University. Combines stunning views on the riverland with a stroll through the huge botanical garden Belmonte.

    • Length: 11 or 16 km
    • Type: Railway walk
    • Start: station of Ede-Wageningen
    • Great: Wageningen Mountain, Molenbeek, Belmonte

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  • wandeling-icoonKennemer Dunes
  • wandeling-icoonVeluwezoom
  • wandeling-icoonMookerheide
  • wandeling-icoonUtrechtse Heuvelrug
  • wandeling-icoonBelmonte