Hiking around Belmonte

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  Walk around Belmonte and Wageningen Mountain

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  Distance of this hike 16 km (10 miles)
  What kind of hike is this? Railway walk
  Where does the walk start? Station: Ede-Wageningen
  What is the rating of this walk? Rating: 88/100
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This beautiful hike crosses the ‘Wageningen Mountain’ (Wageningse Berg). Offers great views on the riverland. And passes through the huge botanical garden Belmonte. Fall and spring are the best seasons. Despite some duller straightforward pieces: top rated!

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Lower Rhine River and Betuwe

Two extra strong pro’s of this walk: the lovely winding path through the brook Molenbeek, and the Wageningen Mountain with unsurpassed views of the Lower Rhine River and the Betuwe.

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Walk around Belmonte and Wageningen Mountain

Magnificent postcard

The woods this hike crosses, are of a great beauty, especially in the fall. The combination of old oak, immense beech and deep green conifers then provides a photogenic color. With low sun the landscape looks like a magnificent postcard.

Beautiful vistas

Halfway through the walk all that splendor is further enhanced by a meandering brook: the Molenbeek. You meander along with the stream, and in the meantime get beautiful vistas of open fields and moors.

Kingfisher & goldcrest

The brooks not only attracts hikers, but also a lot of animals. The rippling water is a real favorite with swimmers like the grass snake and fish eaters like the kingfisher. Even the smallest - and in my eyes cutest - bird nests here: the Goldcrest.

Wageningen Berg

One of the most beautiful stretches of this walk is around Wageningen Mountain. The views you have here on the Lower Rhine and Betuwe are unsurpassed. You follow a winding wooded path a few miles along the mountainside. Enjoy!

Huge glacier

The Wageningen Mountain is part of a large moraine. This mountain was formed by a glacier, in the penultimate ice age, 150,000 years ago. In the west the Grebbeberg rose, in the east Wageningen Mountain. This glacier was enormous: in Scandinavia, it was a few kilometers thick, around Wageningen, some hundred meters.

Arboretum Belmonte

At the end of the walk, on top of the Wageningen Mountain, you close encounter something wonderful of a different kind: the arboretum Belmonte (= beautiful mountain), part of the botanical gardens of the University of Wageningen. Pop over to the lookout. Here you have the most beautiful view of the Lower Rhine River.

Ornamental cherries & rhododendrons

But what lures the most is the impressive amount of different trees and plants. Belmonte is famous for its collection of ornamental cherries, rhododendrons, magnolias and apples. The botanical garden is located on the former estate 'Belmonte'. The garden-style park was landscaped by John D. Zocher Jr., a famous Dutch (garden) architect: he also designed Amsterdam's Vondelpark.

Five beautiful walks

This is one of the walks in a series of five beautiful walks from railway station to railway station. Want to see more?

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