Hiking across the Veluwezoom

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  The woods of the Veluwezoom

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  Distance of this hike 14 km (9 miles)
  What kind of hike is this? Railway walk
  Where does the walk start? Station: Dieren
  What is the rating of this walk? Rating: 95/100
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Prediction: after the final steps you’ll sigh: "This really was the most beautiful hike I've ever done". This is a trail that takes you from one highlight to another and has no weak links. Fourteen kilometers across the Veluwezoom, one of the largest national parks of the Netherlands.

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Best walks from station to station

This is the 'most beautiful railway walk'. I did not invent that. Back in 2010 there was an opinion poll among walkers because of the 20th anniversary of the famous railway walks. Hikers chose railway walk Veluwezoom as undisputed favorite. Woodlands, Heathlands (the best in Holland), Hills. Top rated!

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Veluwe National Park

The route takes you through the wooded Veluwe National Park. First you walk over the hills of the so called ‘Onzalige Forests’ (Onzalig means something like ‘unblessed’), which used to belong to the hunting estate of the Princes of Orange. In this section, there are considerable differences in altitude. And keep your eyes open for wildlife like deer and wild boar.

Posbank: most beautiful heathland

Halfway the character of the walk changes and you walk across the moor to the impressive Posbank. That huge heathland is beautiful in every season, but of course the best when it blooms: mid-August. I've seen a lot of heathland, but Posbank tops everything.

View to Germany

This huge heathery moraine on the southern Veluwe offers from a height of 90 meters above sea sweeping views of the river IJssel. On a clear day you can see all the way to Germany. Ganz toll!

Flowering heather: starting mid-August

The best way to meet the Posbank of course is in the flowering period (startin mid-August), but the heath here is almost always worthwhile. The Posbank undulates nicely, with groups of trees that give the heather hills extra color and depth. Again, a beautiful moorland than the Posbank you will not find in the Netherlands.

Beekhuizer brook

After the heath you walk again through dense forest, where you hike along beautiful streams through the valley of the Beekhuizer brook. The forest is breathtakingly beautiful. Perfectly straight lanes with stately beech cutting lighter oak and birch forests, steep larch stand side by side with spruces, which can be very old (the oldest tree in the world is a Norway spruce in Dalarna, an estimated 10,000 years old).

One of the largest nature reserves

With nearly five thousand acres, this is one of the largest natural areas in the Netherlands. Apart from forest it consists of heathland, shifting sands and estates with farmland. The forests are the home of a large variety of plants and animals. In 1930 the Veluwe was the first nature reserve in the Netherlands National Park status.

Five beautiful walks

This is one of the walks in a series of five beautiful walks from railway station to railway station. Want to see more?

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